Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Most Exciting Apple iOS 6 Features You Should Know

Apple has been updating its operating system quite frequently in the past; this improves the user experience to a great extent. The latest update made by Apple was iOS 6. The latest OS comes with more than 200 new features as per a native Cupertino company. Some of the new features are mentioned below.

1. Maps
One the greatest changes Apple latest iOS brings is the map. Apple has started to provide its own charts in iOS 6, instead of the ones provided by search engines. All the features are not available for the time being. The most important feature on the charts app is “Flyover”. With the help of this feature one can choose locations and spectacular 3D views appear in front of you.

2. Siri
Siri was initially introduced in iPhone 4S and now plays a key role in iPhone. After the latest update Siri understands a variety of languages and provide you options for cafes and movies. It now also has the ability to post on Twitter and Facebook. Apple is also in talks with car manufacturers in order to get Siri integrated in cars. Siri basically creates an ease of use, which is definitely a boon in today’s hectic life.

3. Facebook
Facebook posts just like the Twitter posts can now be done. Now images can be posted on Facebook with a lot more ease from the photos itself. The user only needs to login once and can thereafter perform activities as per wish.

4. Allocated Image Streams
This feature will allow you to share& discuss the photos with your family and friends instantly by using the iPhoto. If the people you are sharing with are iOS customers they will be able to access it instantly otherwise they will be able to look up for them on the web itself.

5. FaceTime
FaceTime is an excellent feature provided by Apple and is highly popular. FaceTime can now be done using mobile data and now it can also be used on iPad. FaceTime now gives alerts you across all the Apple devices. FaceTime can be used anytime, anywhere and is immensely popular.

6. Safari & E-mail improvements
The shopping experience is further enhanced with the latest iOS 6. iCloud keeps a track of searches and sites visited, which makes it easier to look up for them later on. Pictures can also be posted through safari. Mail has new features like VIP details; basically what you can do is assign some people as VIPs. So when a mail from a VIP comes you will be alerted. Whether the mail alerts are on or off are irrelevant, not matter what you get to know when a VIP emails you.

7. Spectacular photos
People who possess iPhones (4S, 5) or 5th generation iPod will benefit from the new image apps.  Until now we had to use 3rd party applications to get beautiful pictures, but now it has become way too easier.

8. Better App Store
Now more details are available on the App store, which gives a deeper look into the apps. Now there is no need to login in order to get the apps updated. There have also been changes in recommendations, so that you get the expert app advice you are looking for.

9. Cell cellphone & DND
When you cancel an incoming call on iPhone, you have the option to send customized message instantly to the caller and have the option to assign a callback. You also have the option to use “Do Not Disturb” but in this case the calls of VIP assigned contacts won’t be affected.

10. Passbook
Is managing cards a problem for you, Apple’s Passbook might be the perfect solution for you. You can use electronic tickets for movies, boarding passes, discounts, coupons, etc. Passbook also keeps a track that when the discounts are set to expire.


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