Saturday, 11 November 2017

Content Marketing: Now and For the Ages to Come

The present era is all about startups, entrepreneurs, mobile apps. To be blatant, technology is the only thing that’s trending. Take any of the fields, the only way it is being uplifted is through tech support as they are the guiding ways to grab more users. The big players are searching how these users can connect and consume content. Users are on the verge where there are so many nuances coming to their ways and which one to grab is really making their head spin. Getting in touch with the new technologies and techniques will assist the business to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the content marketing trends that should be watched out to frame the strategies for the upcoming year.

1) Increasing users in Virtual Reality

Well, you must have heard a lot about VR this year. This sector has already been started integrating into sports, entertainment and real estate. There are no divergent ways to the fact that marketing people are going to incorporate this trend into their content marketing. The big players like Facebook, Apple have already started working and investing heavily in VR. Mobile app development companies have also recognized this trend and have started investing not just in VR but also in AR. By the end of 2017, the estimated spending in VR and AR is around $3 billion. All these nuances are going to flourish through the content only. Blogs, press releases, ads, media all these channels have the AR and VR in sight. These should be the targeted sectors of your content strategy.

2) Personalized content with AI

Information is all around you. We can say that the content has captured us. You start your morning on Instagram or Facebook post, then you head for taking a newspaper, you reach the office you will plenty of sites to gather information from. So, this is how your routine has been framed. Well, not all content captivates you, you connect to those contents that can relate to you. It can either be some problem you are facing, or it can something of your like and interest. So, another point in framing the content marketing strategy is integrating AI. AI will make content production highly productive and personalized. You can take an example of YouTube, you search one thing and it will give similar suggestions to watch further. Content production becomes highly predictive and luring audience and keeping them entertained by the content becomes much easier.

3) Live streaming: Don’t miss on that

You take the example of any top iPhone or Android app development, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, each of the apps have a live video option. Well, yes, this is the trend these days. While formulating content strategy also, live streaming is an integral chunk you should not miss out on. According to one of the studies, a video post can generate 135% more reach to the audience as compared to the general still posts. It is stated that users spend 8 times more time on live video as compared to that with on-demand videos. So, now you know why live video is becoming the core element of online content. Live streaming will enable the closest interaction with the real world. Users can engage, ask questions, give answers. This type of activity makes the content more interactive which the blogs and image content will not be able to create.

4) Native advertising

 Just a little time and you will not find any distinction between content marketing and native advertising. This will happen when native advertising will mature and will be less obstructive. In-app ads are one of the most popular ways of content promotion and also generating revenue. If the quality remains very poor of the way, this trend will soon be obsolete.