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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Top six trending ipad applications of mid-2016-II

Android and Apple are in great competition; the teams are in fierce rivalry since long. It has not remained restricted to just mobile applications and performances but it has extended to a larger scenario where both are trying to attract more and more customers, gain their trust, build the rewarding strategy, and convert them into potential users. Mobile applications have always been tentative, tender, terrific and terrible altogether; it depends how it has been created and whether it is benefiting the 3rd party.

Most of the time, both Android and Apple walk side by side but mostly and yes, since past couple of years, Apple app store has enhanced the standards and raised the quality of apps. We have already talked about scintillating iPad applications of mid-2016 (Part- I) and it’s time that we go through the other magnificent iPad apps that also dominate the virtual stores and pleases the mobile users across the globe.

Here is the second list of trending, popular and appreciable iPad applications of mid-2016:

Tayasui Blocks

Blocks almost tromp into place, letting loose a pleasingly squatty sound effect, Tayasui Blocks is gesture-aware. You can zoom, displace & spin your creation, making it the simplest to sum up blocks to any surface. And the aforenamed social aspect works very well, extending downloads of existing models and uploads of your own. This is a laudable, astounding, scintillating and simple building-block toy for your tablet. Occupying some of that giant's and social smarts, it isn't Minecraft.


Depending on your circumstances, Hear might come across like a mad remix app, applies varying amounts of delay, and volume boosting to your iPhone hears. Among the 7 pre-defined filters, it comprises the deep reverb washes of Office, psychedelic horror show Happy, the oddball Talk, which are of the primary focus. Hear’s fun to try and is practical; that is why, it is one of the astonishing iPad applications which is adored and admired by the users


An amalgamation of social and business application, Slack is a wonderful fashionable-looking conversation platform aimed at the workplace. One good thing about this app is that it supports both private and group conversations. It integrates with Dropbox and Google Docs, lets you add images, videos and GIFs to your chats, automatically syncs across all of your Slack accounts, thus it makes easily an off-the-cuff collaboration feasible even when you’re on the bus.


This free live-streaming app from Twitter is quick to set up, easy to use, and might just revolutionise the way we use social media. Moreover, all the users can film whatever it is they're doing, and can peer into a constantly rolling set of windows into people’s lives. From journalists in disaster areas to teenagers in shopping centres, there’s the potential for Periscope to cover an enormous variety of perspectives. Spend few moments surfing through the app and you could be propelled between offices, hot-air balloons, car parks, all broadcast by people using the app.

Novation Launchpad

Launchpad manages that tricky proposition of appealing to music newbs and pros alike. It’s essentially a board of pads, which you prod to trigger pre-set loops. These are organised into genre-based sets, such as House and Dubstep, and it’s almost impossible to play something that doesn’t make you want to get up and dance about like a loon. For anyone who’s hankering for a little more depth, IAPs exist for new sounds and the means to import your own audio; additionally, you can record sessions and edit the sounds triggered by each pad.


There are rather very less comic readers available for iPad, and Chunky is one of the astonishingly good. Its organizational chops are a touch basic for large collections, else this is a master piece. Settings enable you to adjust aspects of page turns, rendering, upscaling, panning, etc. These all ensures the comics in Chunky look sensational on the Retina display, even if the source material isn’t of the highest quality.

These 6 iPad apps now makes a list of total of 12 apps that are trending and making some revolution in 2016. Well, it might be possible that while reading this post, you get a spark for iPad application development and so we are here to make the best, versatile and multi-functional iPad apps.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Do's and Don’ts While Developing an Effective iPad App

iPad App Development
Well, Apple’s iPad is one of the best examples of technological gadgets which are handy, useful and swift. No wonder, iPads have been sold in record numbers and has become a mainstay of billions of people who plan, schedule, reschedule, perform or cancel their daily routines with the help of this “magical” gadget. Thus, it is imperative to develop the applications which provide them with more facilities and also at a reasonable cost.

  • Approach: For creating any effective application for a sophisticated instrument like the iPad, it becomes very important to make the approach clear. As an app entrepreneur, one must understand the intricacies and complicacies in the development of an app. The planning before taking up the task and jotting down the goals to be achieved can prove to be very useful. The approach should be goal oriented, which means that the features, tools and other add-ons should be easy to use and simple.
  • In-App Experience: It is very much expected from an iPad app development company to make the in-app experience a good one for the user. There should be features compatible with the device, calendar synchronization, social networking shortcuts etc.
  • The Customer Force: The iPad applications are not used by just a single member in a community. They are used by different people from different walks of life. Thus, it is important to design the application in a way that it attracts people of all ages and businesses towards itself.

  • Over Advertising: Sometimes, to extract back the amount of money spent in the app developing activities, an iPad app development company might advertise for various products with the help of its application. It is true that ads are necessary, but it should be made sure that there are not too many of them. The users usually do not like ad interruptions every now and then while working on their app.
  • Overload of Gestures: There is a very thin line of difference between popular gestures and the overloading of gestures. To include unimportant gestures in the application in the name of detailing can be harmful to the iPad app development company. Also, one thing should be kept in mind that there should be two distinct kinds of gestures displayed on the same page. Such a case might trigger a conflict between the two of them.
  • Improper Marketing: If you have been thorough with the world of apps, then one thing which you would surely come across would be the up to the mark designing and marketing of the application. For an application to be successful, it is necessary that it should not have unnecessary and ugly screenshots and icons. The more concise and precise the thing would be, the more popular it would become. So if you want to be at the top, make your app marketing look good.