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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tips To Hire Android App Developer

Hire Android App Developer

One of the fastest growing markets in recent times in the field of mobile applications development has undoubtedly been Android. With its variability and wide offerings, Android is turning out to be popular amongst various IT offerings. Right from the gaming apps to the widely used instant messaging and document sharing apps, Android has given sublime results in the form of various apps. Hiring professionals for the development of scalable and robust application development is the stringent task that any Android apps development company has to find out.

JAVA is the original platform that any Android app developer needs to be thorough with to develop application. Before hiring an Android app developer or app development company for a particular assignment of app, some of the things that are to be considered can be listed as follows:

1. Technical Efficiency With JAVA And Coding Principles
It is indeed a difficult task to find someone with enhanced quality of logical JAVA principles as it is large enough. Also every qualified JAVA professional does not possess the potential to successfully deliver project proficiency on Android.

2. A Good Team Player
Android application is something that becomes a cumbersome process if developed independently. So the professional hired has to be in synchronization with the team and also should have clarity about his role as a part of team member.

3. Experience In The Industry
As the technology is developing intensively day by day, the most important factor to be considered before hiring android app developer is the amount of experience in his portfolio. As every app cannot take years to become live, the professional with experience will be accustomed to genres and niches of Android. So the results produced will be fast as well as effective.

4. Understands The Business Perspective
After all application development is a flourishing business and it’s the client whose app requirements have to be accomplished within stipulated time. A good Android app developer understands the traits of business and moulds his skills for app development accordingly.

5. Survey The Work Done
Google play store provides all the details regarding the apps that are published. Check the credentials of the company before hiring a developer from it. The type of apps developed depicts the amount of knowledge that is possessed by the individual in this field.

6. Keen To Learn
With technological advancement in Android at every brink i.e. KitKat released before few months to support the user as well as the developers, it becomes necessary to get accustomed to every new feature that can be given to end user with app. Optimized use of resources available should be made by the app developer to give best results in the form of applicability.

7. Innovative Approach
There are many developers available in the market who can monotonously work according to the directions given by their managers. But Android applications Development Company requires someone who can put forth the ideas and innovations regarding app design along with development.

On a concluding note, Android has come up with some of the best mobiles and tablets in the market. So the need of developers would be increasing on a daily basis, but to find a suitable candidate who can justify this form of mobile application development, efforts has to be put forth in finding a suitable professional. The above mentioned points are not only useful for Android project outsourcers and Android apps development companies, but also for the young, efficient developers to portray their skills in front of the biggest apps development authorities and prove their worth for upcoming individual in this field of Android application.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Android Outreaches Possibilities for Android App Developers

Android is one of the operating system that is dominating after few months of its release as its users are increasing rapidly at a consistent rate. It has been proved that it is the best platform for creating innovative and scalable apps for different industries. For third party developers, as it is an open source technology it’s easy to customize app according to their app development requirements.

Android operating system is giving the tough competition to apple’s products. What makes a flexible platform is its open source platform. Android app developers can mold it to fit into their framework and build apps for different industries.

It reduces the development cost as it is an open source platform. This is the main reason why android has been picking up importance in few years. There are plenty of android app development companies specifically targeting apps.

It is possessing wide collection of libraries that can be used to elaborate the potential of android app development. Limitless capabilities of this platform make the android app developer more enthusiastic to explore for any innovative apps.

It is highly customizable technology makes the android app development more powerful for different industries verticals. There are different types of android apps has been developed for finance, banking, advertising.

Millions of users and developers are there who are using android Os and updating according to custom standards. Android app developers who are stuck in some phase can get solution by interacting with this user and developers community. Since It’s easy to fix problems it outcome in quick development of android apps.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Important Pointers for Android App Development

With over 60% international market share, Android OS might appear to be an appealing OS intended for application makers. Prior to take the dive into Android app development territory, understand these important things.

Concerning a number of different models of phones, variations, and screen sizing's, Android OS is definitely the operating system employed by almost 4, 000 unique devices. Regarding Android app developers, this could mean an all-nighter or perhaps five. It is much easier to develop Android applications because whatever you need from having to locate more skillful builders to be able to stretching out deadlines, more time involving situations, and a few horrible problems in the meanwhile.

Various devices, various benefits
Android application development steps up on the subject of gadget compatibility. Not like iOS, Android OS is used by most of the mobile makers to meet their unique components. Therefore, you'll find variations throughout how just one Android OS gadget will respond in comparison to one more created by another person, thus you’ll need to keep in mind these types of manufacturer-based intricacies in the course of improvement. For example, this HTC Droid DNA and Samsung Galaxy S3 both of them operate on Android OS4.1, while the S3 employs this TouchWiz program and on the other hand Droid DNA employs HTC Feeling UI platform, any subtle yet important ample change will need you to take care the way your current application integrates basic UIs.

One size cannot fit all
Samsung S3 incorporates a 4.8-inscreen, although this Samsung Galaxy S4 has almost 4.99 inches screen. The sizzling’ brand new HTC has 4.7 inches screen and is 0.3 in. smaller in sizes compared to HTC Droid DNA. After that there’s this 7-inch Nexus Capsule and also the 5.3 inches Galaxy Note. What meaning does it have particularly in your case? This means twice as well as multiple the effort on your creative designers. In contrast to iOS, you'll find many screen styles and footprints intended for Android OS devices. To be able to support these various screens your current designer must make images with variety of resolutions. You will also need to create these styles on your UI many a times to go with various devices.

Complicated encoding type - Extended assemble time
This is anything your current developer may stress about, yet it’s something you would like to focus on too, especially if highly skillful builders and more time assemble situations will cost. In contrast to iOS, Android’s encoding type will be rather difficult. While creating an apple iPhone application, Apple mackintosh guidelines encourage you to create your current application applying what’s named as MVC paradigm (there are some huge phrases, let your current developer stress about that). Android OS, nonetheless, simply just offers you any resource and states check out. Even though some appreciate any empty standing without anyone revealing to these individuals tips on what exactly is required to be done, and innovative liberty has its own price tag: that causes it to become more difficult to create or perhaps apply anything in Android OS, in comparison to what exactly was simple and much less time was consumed in iOS. (Plus, Android’s improvement resources draw, however, you didn’t listen to that from me personally – simply just search that and you’ll listen to that from everyone.) Simply kidding, even though it will sense that in comparison to iOS. Starting from “Cupcake” to “Jelly Bean” and along with it the newest “Key Lime Pie”, Android OS has eighteen API’s and keeping track of.