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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Apple CarPlay Versus Android Auto: Which one Would You Prefer?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple and Google have been traditional rivals in the smartphone software industry for many years now. However, with the launch of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this rivalry has now taken front seat and the new arena for it is your car. Will you allow Android to win the battle or Apple?  Let's find out.

What is CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are smart systems designed for your modern day car. These offer a ton of impressive features that includes better navigation, messaging, as well as audio streaming. However, let us discover  whether they have any limitations or not, how useful they are for us, and do they really meet our driving needs.

Home Screen

To begin with the home screen, both these smart car systems adopt a competing approach right from the start. Apple Car Play features the various apps as well as functions in the form of large icons, that immediately reminds one of the iPhone screen. The style is simplistic and works in CarPlay's favor.

When it comes to Android Auto, the features are arranged at the bottom of the home screen, which means that the user does not need to pull up the home screen.  Accessing the audio apps is also very easy. The user just needs to tap the headphone icon twice so that a list of cards is brought up on the screen for the user' benefit.

Another advantage of using Android Auto is that Google Now is integrated with the system. This is a live updating system that is capable of displaying various information cards that the user might need while driving.  This includes typical information such as weather updates, notifications, as well as shortcuts to typical and likely destinations.

However, CarPlay does not display as much information as a user needs onscreen. Nevertheless, this does not mean that information is not presented. It notifies you about what you need to know.

Text Messages

Carplay shows the missed text messages with a small red circle and a number that corresponds to how many messages have been missed. Comparing the similar feature in Android Auto, the missed messages notifications are now a part of the list of cards that are displayed by the Google Now system.


Whilst navigation for Android is handled by Google Maps, ApplePlay uses a corresponding system Apple Maps for a similar purpose. With Google Maps, the onscreen maps are well-drawn and include easy to understand turn-by-turn directions. Users also are provided suggestions on alternate routes as well as verbal updates on traffic.  You can also access the time when the particular business is closing. Google Maps also works well with Android Auto's Google Now. 

When compared to Apple Maps, although the software is very effective, many people prefer using Google's system over Apple's CarPlay. Both systems do not use the third-party navigation apps. Hence apps such as TomTom or Waze are not permitted.


When it comes to messaging, the Apple CarPlay supports apple's native messaging application. Contrarily, The Android Auto is more inclusive and supports Hangouts, Kik, Whatsapp, ICQ, and other such apps. The on-board text-to-speech can read the messages and voice commands can be used to reply to them.

Music Streaming & Compatibility

Regarding music streaming, both systems reflect their superior abilities. About compatibility, Android Auto is compatible with any smartphone that runs Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. At the same time, Apple CarPlay requires the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Also compatible are the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and the iPhone 5s. Older phones require a lightning connector and the latest iOS version.

Although it is very difficult to predict the winner between CarPlay and Android Auto, it can be said that those who prefer Apple will choose CarPlay and those who choose Google Android will go in for Android Auto.

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?

Why Mobile Apps Fail
Market of mobile app is running thick and fast. Many apps are launched day-to-day but all these apps do don’t get success in the market. WHY? Building a mobile app is not just sufficient for the company. They must try to build a business in the market.

Target Audience - “Adapting From The Influencers”
Firstly, the target audience of the mobile app has to be fixed. Promotional strategies are not pre-defined so as to get the app run longer. Moreover, mobile market research of previous apps is not done to examine the significance of own product. Keeping it simple and straightforward is another task that most mobile app developer does not follow. With the intent of making a hi-fi app, mobile app development companies deliver such complicated product that it seems a burden to the user. Trying to inculcate everything in a small package of app towards other apps because same featured app are available in plenty.

Features - “At The Cost Of Actual Usability”
Shorter battery life, graphics and visual effects that are not appealing, high storage space in mobile are some of the other reasons which lead to mobile application failure. Mobile app developer needs to think as a user before developing the app and understand demand of the user. Adapting the new things may not be easy for the user so by studying the competition in the market, try to give them something that may have edge over the others. Stick to only one concept for which the app has been developed. Irrelevancy of the app ruins the sustainable development of the app in the market after its publishing.

Marketing - “Strength Can Turn Into Weakness”
Marketing is another most important aspect that most mobile app development companies fail to do. Mobile marketing is a crucial in this vast ocean of app world. When you have worked months over to some design, formatting, UI and other aspects of the app, then why to shadow the marketing part of it? Give one prominent reason to the user to enhance the utility of mobile app and market accordingly. The best way to achieve this is by offering them free app or making them one time pay. Regardless of the fact that mobile app developer gives classy features and marvelous display, if the product is not marketed properly it will surely fail.

Mobile App Development Company thus needs to ensure that developing an app as well as framing its future resides in their hands. So better to keep an eye on ever-changing market and let the user distinguish yourself from others.