Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tips To Hire Android App Developer

Hire Android App Developer

One of the fastest growing markets in recent times in the field of mobile applications development has undoubtedly been Android. With its variability and wide offerings, Android is turning out to be popular amongst various IT offerings. Right from the gaming apps to the widely used instant messaging and document sharing apps, Android has given sublime results in the form of various apps. Hiring professionals for the development of scalable and robust application development is the stringent task that any Android apps development company has to find out.

JAVA is the original platform that any Android app developer needs to be thorough with to develop application. Before hiring an Android app developer or app development company for a particular assignment of app, some of the things that are to be considered can be listed as follows:

1. Technical Efficiency With JAVA And Coding Principles
It is indeed a difficult task to find someone with enhanced quality of logical JAVA principles as it is large enough. Also every qualified JAVA professional does not possess the potential to successfully deliver project proficiency on Android.

2. A Good Team Player
Android application is something that becomes a cumbersome process if developed independently. So the professional hired has to be in synchronization with the team and also should have clarity about his role as a part of team member.

3. Experience In The Industry
As the technology is developing intensively day by day, the most important factor to be considered before hiring android app developer is the amount of experience in his portfolio. As every app cannot take years to become live, the professional with experience will be accustomed to genres and niches of Android. So the results produced will be fast as well as effective.

4. Understands The Business Perspective
After all application development is a flourishing business and it’s the client whose app requirements have to be accomplished within stipulated time. A good Android app developer understands the traits of business and moulds his skills for app development accordingly.

5. Survey The Work Done
Google play store provides all the details regarding the apps that are published. Check the credentials of the company before hiring a developer from it. The type of apps developed depicts the amount of knowledge that is possessed by the individual in this field.

6. Keen To Learn
With technological advancement in Android at every brink i.e. KitKat released before few months to support the user as well as the developers, it becomes necessary to get accustomed to every new feature that can be given to end user with app. Optimized use of resources available should be made by the app developer to give best results in the form of applicability.

7. Innovative Approach
There are many developers available in the market who can monotonously work according to the directions given by their managers. But Android applications Development Company requires someone who can put forth the ideas and innovations regarding app design along with development.

On a concluding note, Android has come up with some of the best mobiles and tablets in the market. So the need of developers would be increasing on a daily basis, but to find a suitable candidate who can justify this form of mobile application development, efforts has to be put forth in finding a suitable professional. The above mentioned points are not only useful for Android project outsourcers and Android apps development companies, but also for the young, efficient developers to portray their skills in front of the biggest apps development authorities and prove their worth for upcoming individual in this field of Android application.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Things to Know Before Developing a Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development
With the flourishing field of mobile applications, almost everyone is creeping into this business and as a part of it this industry has some unwanted apps that neither benefit the user nor to the app maker. Most of the app failure is due to improper research before its development. Mobile apps Development Company should know the exact target and necessary thing they want to achieve in the market with the app. Without keeping any pre-conceived notions in mind, app making for mobile or tablet needs a set of steps to be followed before actually starting to make an app.

Here is complete set of guidelines or advice that mobile apps development should precede before developing an app.

Clarity With Goal of App Making
The whole and sole of app making does not only include the process of making money. Some apps are delivered to the market as a cause of social responsibility or leveraging influence over others. Some apps may be the investment as a part of marketing ones business or other stuffs. So the app maker should intrinsic clarity about the future of the app and design, set and formulate strategies for app making accordingly. Dividing the complete procedure for app making into discrete steps for enhanced result is must.  If the goal is clear, the way to reach the goal will be automatically be unhindered.

App Costing or Charges of App
This step is utmost important because knowing the current market scenario and economic consideration of company has to be made in an unbiased manner. It’s according to the allotment of resources and requirement of mobile app developers for a particular project that the decision of app cost has to be made. If the app is being made for personal interests than it’s applicability on app stored has to be check out for whether it is free or charged. The prime monetization of app can be through its effective downloads on app store. Also working with client projects, it’s important to dart in with clarity of when, how and at which milestone the payment has to be made.

Allocation of Resources
For a particular project of mobile app, it is indeed necessary to generate a wire-framing of resources that are needed to be imparted for successful completion of it. Mobile app development requires inherit collaboration between developers, designers, APK developers, marketing sector and reporting person of the project to the client. Before starting up a mobile app development project it becomes necessary to analyze how, what and where your personnel has to be occupied with work that can provide extraordinary results for project enhancement.

Integrity With Platforms And Updates
Most of the app developers find inconveniences in choosing the right platform for app development. In recent market, Android and iOS are the leading platforms with Windows and Blackberry lagging behind considerably. As all the platforms have their own app demands and drafting, correct choice of platform is necessary. Also mobile apps development companies should remember that the app is not over once it is launched. Updates and Upgrades are focusing part of the applications that most clients demand and it is essential to stay tall among others in the market.

Keeping these points in mind and considering app development as a methodological process, mobile apps development business has to be tactfully handled to get prime benefits out of it. App making will then be much easier and give efficient results to the developers. Mobile applications have become an integral part of Smartphone users and they are also going to see more hikes in nearby future giving more opportunities to mobile apps developers.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

How iPhone Apps Help You Maintain Business Networks?

iPhone Business Networks Apps
The nature of conducting business terms have changed a lot after the evolution of Smartphone. Especially mobile apps have changed the aspects of business. They have been emerging as one of the best ways to conduct, collaborate and conclude business proposals and deals as well as agreements. These phones can perform all the work of managing, organizing and distributing information, data and other things that govern the momentum of the business.

iPhone is fastest among the technological advancements that have happened and so has been popular among users for its applicability. iPhone app developers have been continuously working to enhance the device utility for large scale business owners and entrepreneurs. Various software versions, tools, applications which are necessary requirements for all the business tycoons are inherited in iPhone provide the flexibility of working even while they are away from office or any other workplace. Thus it will not be compulsory to carry laptops and files along with you while travelling or in meetings or outdoors. Instead having a slick iPhone with applicable apps can lead your business new ways of facilitation.

Real Time Data Migration
With 3G and 4G enabled iPhone, the iPhone apps development companies have kept a separate provision through GPS and WiFi of accessing the data at variable place which may be online or at remote place. Another important application that falls under the category of iPhone apps development is Contacts journal. This enables you to sort out with any specific conversation in your logging class. It also keeps broad view looks on people specific tasks and complete details of what you have spoken to the last calls. Web browser and Bluetooth enables you to access data from anywhere to everywhere. To pass virtual business car after the meeting is over, MeetMe is another useful app to get your time bound responses in order.

Socialize Network With iPhone
iPhone users certainly do not have any problem regarding keeping them social in terms of business generation and prospects. LinkedIn, Twitter and other socio-commercial apps have dignified iPhone use to negate any kind of hindrances that occur during relationship maintenance with business clients and customers. It helps you find out related connections that can turn into an ongoing new business relationship. Innovation at every stage can be seen by iPhone app developers to include the features that may be minute in crafting but can extend a lot of help when in a misery. Facebook on official Apple’s app store is the most used tool keeping social and business networks energized.

Secure Documents and Data Markups Through iPhone
The apps available on iPhone for business utility have to be 100% efficient with their working because data and files of extreme importance have to be stored within it. For these as sharing and using those data cum documents is easy, similarly the storage and backup components app are provided by the iPhone applications development companies to extend complete safety and security of data even while migration of it. Also there has been great improvement in connectivity with the main stream of data gathering to fortify the networks of business administrators.

iPhone apps development has thus gained adaptability from market stats due to their versatility in applications which give them edge over the others in the market. Due to cut-throat competition with android and other platforms, Apple has always tried to come up with something that is more astonishing. Business utilization of iPhone is another feather in the wings of Apple because most of the iPhone users due to its cost demarcation include pool of people with well-developed business or the ones who can afford high-end utility of iPhone.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?

Why Mobile Apps Fail
Market of mobile app is running thick and fast. Many apps are launched day-to-day but all these apps do don’t get success in the market. WHY? Building a mobile app is not just sufficient for the company. They must try to build a business in the market.

Target Audience - “Adapting From The Influencers”
Firstly, the target audience of the mobile app has to be fixed. Promotional strategies are not pre-defined so as to get the app run longer. Moreover, mobile market research of previous apps is not done to examine the significance of own product. Keeping it simple and straightforward is another task that most mobile app developer does not follow. With the intent of making a hi-fi app, mobile app development companies deliver such complicated product that it seems a burden to the user. Trying to inculcate everything in a small package of app towards other apps because same featured app are available in plenty.

Features - “At The Cost Of Actual Usability”
Shorter battery life, graphics and visual effects that are not appealing, high storage space in mobile are some of the other reasons which lead to mobile application failure. Mobile app developer needs to think as a user before developing the app and understand demand of the user. Adapting the new things may not be easy for the user so by studying the competition in the market, try to give them something that may have edge over the others. Stick to only one concept for which the app has been developed. Irrelevancy of the app ruins the sustainable development of the app in the market after its publishing.

Marketing - “Strength Can Turn Into Weakness”
Marketing is another most important aspect that most mobile app development companies fail to do. Mobile marketing is a crucial in this vast ocean of app world. When you have worked months over to some design, formatting, UI and other aspects of the app, then why to shadow the marketing part of it? Give one prominent reason to the user to enhance the utility of mobile app and market accordingly. The best way to achieve this is by offering them free app or making them one time pay. Regardless of the fact that mobile app developer gives classy features and marvelous display, if the product is not marketed properly it will surely fail.

Mobile App Development Company thus needs to ensure that developing an app as well as framing its future resides in their hands. So better to keep an eye on ever-changing market and let the user distinguish yourself from others.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Why Your Business Should Have A Mobile App?

Business Mobile App
Any business’s growth depends upon how well you serve your customers? The new beginning of serving the customer as a result of technological advancement is through mobile applications. They prove to be valuable business tools and a sign of status symbol in the market. Smart phones are almost present everywhere in the market. Economist also has surveyed that mobile app development for most of the businesses have proven to be successful enough.

Need To Develop Mobile App
Important data provided by the Google reveals that many of the small scale businesses are also being largely searched on mobile through maps and location tools. By next year, mobile apps developers promise to develop apps for more than 50% of local command businesses. Shopping cart or manufacturing deals are done primarily through this app. Relationship building process gets quicker and secure layouts for your developed business can be known in the market. Recently surveyed by eMarketers, people spend daily five times more time with their Smartphone than newspapers & magazines.

Is Improvement In Business Possible?
As such creating a buzz around of your business having mobile app may not just grow your business but seek a hike in your reputation as well. Recently, a food franchise jumped into this mobile app development and created an app that lets consumer design meals using ingredients made by them on their phone. This is customer loyalty at its peak. If your mobile apps developers can find such innovations that optimize your business, developing mobile app could be boon to you.

High-End Chargeable App
If you are looking to target the high profile customers for your app, make it chargeable. For e.g. medical application that provides two way competencies between the doctors and patients can be charged accordingly. Due to this feature, unauthorized public may not make a move to download the app. Also publicity and marketing of your business can be done through this app feature. Mobile app developers also provide the facility to upgrade your app as per your future growth of business. On a concluding note, a mobile app becomes inevitable in this 3G world of Smartphone and Tablets.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Android Outreaches Possibilities for Android App Developers

Android is one of the operating system that is dominating after few months of its release as its users are increasing rapidly at a consistent rate. It has been proved that it is the best platform for creating innovative and scalable apps for different industries. For third party developers, as it is an open source technology it’s easy to customize app according to their app development requirements.

Android operating system is giving the tough competition to apple’s products. What makes a flexible platform is its open source platform. Android app developers can mold it to fit into their framework and build apps for different industries.

It reduces the development cost as it is an open source platform. This is the main reason why android has been picking up importance in few years. There are plenty of android app development companies specifically targeting apps.

It is possessing wide collection of libraries that can be used to elaborate the potential of android app development. Limitless capabilities of this platform make the android app developer more enthusiastic to explore for any innovative apps.

It is highly customizable technology makes the android app development more powerful for different industries verticals. There are different types of android apps has been developed for finance, banking, advertising.

Millions of users and developers are there who are using android Os and updating according to custom standards. Android app developers who are stuck in some phase can get solution by interacting with this user and developers community. Since It’s easy to fix problems it outcome in quick development of android apps.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Do's and Don’ts While Developing an Effective iPad App

iPad App Development
Well, Apple’s iPad is one of the best examples of technological gadgets which are handy, useful and swift. No wonder, iPads have been sold in record numbers and has become a mainstay of billions of people who plan, schedule, reschedule, perform or cancel their daily routines with the help of this “magical” gadget. Thus, it is imperative to develop the applications which provide them with more facilities and also at a reasonable cost.

  • Approach: For creating any effective application for a sophisticated instrument like the iPad, it becomes very important to make the approach clear. As an app entrepreneur, one must understand the intricacies and complicacies in the development of an app. The planning before taking up the task and jotting down the goals to be achieved can prove to be very useful. The approach should be goal oriented, which means that the features, tools and other add-ons should be easy to use and simple.
  • In-App Experience: It is very much expected from an iPad app development company to make the in-app experience a good one for the user. There should be features compatible with the device, calendar synchronization, social networking shortcuts etc.
  • The Customer Force: The iPad applications are not used by just a single member in a community. They are used by different people from different walks of life. Thus, it is important to design the application in a way that it attracts people of all ages and businesses towards itself.

  • Over Advertising: Sometimes, to extract back the amount of money spent in the app developing activities, an iPad app development company might advertise for various products with the help of its application. It is true that ads are necessary, but it should be made sure that there are not too many of them. The users usually do not like ad interruptions every now and then while working on their app.
  • Overload of Gestures: There is a very thin line of difference between popular gestures and the overloading of gestures. To include unimportant gestures in the application in the name of detailing can be harmful to the iPad app development company. Also, one thing should be kept in mind that there should be two distinct kinds of gestures displayed on the same page. Such a case might trigger a conflict between the two of them.
  • Improper Marketing: If you have been thorough with the world of apps, then one thing which you would surely come across would be the up to the mark designing and marketing of the application. For an application to be successful, it is necessary that it should not have unnecessary and ugly screenshots and icons. The more concise and precise the thing would be, the more popular it would become. So if you want to be at the top, make your app marketing look good.