Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Here are top 5 vulnerabilities of android application

We talk about M-commere, mobile technology and other inventions going on with the mobile devices but we are not aware about the vulnerabilities of mobile application, are we? Mobile devices are the field of study of dozens of security treatments, but it's often mobile app development that dish out as attack vectors. There are several factors that contribute to application vulnerabilities: Malware, sideloading, Bad data storage practices, and lack of encryption. Devices are wrongly accused for insecurities, but these are insidious. It's significant for users to comprehend best practices for downloading apps and granting permissions.

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Android mobile application vulnerabilities are now becoming a massive emergence(issue) because of Google Play's open format, and also because Google Play still isn't fully protected from malware-laden apps. Expert android app developers bifurcate malware into pieces to avoid detection. Luckily, Anti-malware apps are available in paid and free enterprise-class versions. It can easily defend mobile application exposure. There are also unstable updates and patches to the Android operating system. You can't just simply rely on Android to update itself periodically that makes it tough for Android devices to stay up-to-date as protective cover against vulnerabilities. 

Data Storage

One of the elevated reasons why its vulnerabilities subsist is because many amateur android app development company have policies to have data storage habits. All it takes to access the data stored on an unlocked smartphone running a badly written app is a normal extraction of the file attached to the mobile application, then finally a query. Databases such as SQLite store compact data on a local device easily, but developers can nevertheless store that data in the XML format, which is a readable, plain-text file that makes it conveniently gain access to an application’s data.


Generally, users are unaware of how valuable their contact data is, and applications' terms and conditions frequently conceal the veracity about personal data access. Then someone whiffing the network activity of the app unveiled that Path uploaded entire contact lists to its servers. Mobile application vulnerabilities are not confined to Android apps. What Path did was a fine illustration of fanatical developers trying to serve a better user experience. It offered a new way to socialize with friends and was acclaimed for its great user interface. Path had to apologize for unauthorized storage of users' personal data. User approval is always necessitated before any app can access other data or apps on an Android device, it is mandatory.

Lack of encryption

Applications that don't use encryption can cause problems as well. It happened once, with one of the prestigious brands of the world. LinkedIn's mobile application transferred local calendar data to LinkedIn servers when the site rolled out a new calendar integration feature. And it is almost impossible to find out those details without transparency from the app developer or a full analysis of the app. It is expected that developers will use common encryption frameworks to protect users' data, you know nothing is guaranteed. All of that data was transferred in clear text over the network and via the Internet, so it was open to anyone looking for the data.

Data leaks from syncing

In applications where users sync data to the cloud, data leaks are the crucial concern. Dropbox suffered a password breach that exposed many user accounts to a hacker. Luckily, it didn’t affect many users. A user could expose data to a security issue on Dropbox unaware. You can't control a vendor's protection mechanisms, even if the company's published security policies comply with best practices. These services rely on verification through email in the event of a security breach. A reset link to a webmail Gmail or Hotmail account is hardly secure in most enterprise environments, and when they get hacked, the security of the synced data is compromised. Many app development companies are trying to counter act on this issue and few have accomplished.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Top six trending ipad applications of mid-2016-II

Android and Apple are in great competition; the teams are in fierce rivalry since long. It has not remained restricted to just mobile applications and performances but it has extended to a larger scenario where both are trying to attract more and more customers, gain their trust, build the rewarding strategy, and convert them into potential users. Mobile applications have always been tentative, tender, terrific and terrible altogether; it depends how it has been created and whether it is benefiting the 3rd party.

Most of the time, both Android and Apple walk side by side but mostly and yes, since past couple of years, Apple app store has enhanced the standards and raised the quality of apps. We have already talked about scintillating iPad applications of mid-2016 (Part- I) and it’s time that we go through the other magnificent iPad apps that also dominate the virtual stores and pleases the mobile users across the globe.

Here is the second list of trending, popular and appreciable iPad applications of mid-2016:

Tayasui Blocks

Blocks almost tromp into place, letting loose a pleasingly squatty sound effect, Tayasui Blocks is gesture-aware. You can zoom, displace & spin your creation, making it the simplest to sum up blocks to any surface. And the aforenamed social aspect works very well, extending downloads of existing models and uploads of your own. This is a laudable, astounding, scintillating and simple building-block toy for your tablet. Occupying some of that giant's and social smarts, it isn't Minecraft.


Depending on your circumstances, Hear might come across like a mad remix app, applies varying amounts of delay, and volume boosting to your iPhone hears. Among the 7 pre-defined filters, it comprises the deep reverb washes of Office, psychedelic horror show Happy, the oddball Talk, which are of the primary focus. Hear’s fun to try and is practical; that is why, it is one of the astonishing iPad applications which is adored and admired by the users


An amalgamation of social and business application, Slack is a wonderful fashionable-looking conversation platform aimed at the workplace. One good thing about this app is that it supports both private and group conversations. It integrates with Dropbox and Google Docs, lets you add images, videos and GIFs to your chats, automatically syncs across all of your Slack accounts, thus it makes easily an off-the-cuff collaboration feasible even when you’re on the bus.


This free live-streaming app from Twitter is quick to set up, easy to use, and might just revolutionise the way we use social media. Moreover, all the users can film whatever it is they're doing, and can peer into a constantly rolling set of windows into people’s lives. From journalists in disaster areas to teenagers in shopping centres, there’s the potential for Periscope to cover an enormous variety of perspectives. Spend few moments surfing through the app and you could be propelled between offices, hot-air balloons, car parks, all broadcast by people using the app.

Novation Launchpad

Launchpad manages that tricky proposition of appealing to music newbs and pros alike. It’s essentially a board of pads, which you prod to trigger pre-set loops. These are organised into genre-based sets, such as House and Dubstep, and it’s almost impossible to play something that doesn’t make you want to get up and dance about like a loon. For anyone who’s hankering for a little more depth, IAPs exist for new sounds and the means to import your own audio; additionally, you can record sessions and edit the sounds triggered by each pad.


There are rather very less comic readers available for iPad, and Chunky is one of the astonishingly good. Its organizational chops are a touch basic for large collections, else this is a master piece. Settings enable you to adjust aspects of page turns, rendering, upscaling, panning, etc. These all ensures the comics in Chunky look sensational on the Retina display, even if the source material isn’t of the highest quality.

These 6 iPad apps now makes a list of total of 12 apps that are trending and making some revolution in 2016. Well, it might be possible that while reading this post, you get a spark for iPad application development and so we are here to make the best, versatile and multi-functional iPad apps.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

What are the impacts of mobile apps on customers?

The hurly burly burst of the mobile application market is popularly known as ‘mobile app revolution’. If you recall the massive box of software, with 100 pages of manual that would cost $1000, has become days of past. Now it only takes a minute to download and start using the application instantaneously. But, with the pace this is going, entrepreneurs agree that the recent changes occurring in the mobile app revolution is just the beginning.

There was a time when online shopping was considered a threat and unreliable because it was unable to make its headway to entrust the audience. Apps are vigorously creating a new global market economy. According to Gartner, minimum 17.7 billion apps will be downloaded this year. It is accelerating because people now can afford to buy mobile than computers. We all are likely using a smart-phone in both a personal and professional capacity. There has been a paradigm shift in the mobile application development as this arena is shaping to be ‘Mobile World’.

A-Z applicability of mobile applications:
Smart phones have made the tasks easier and simpler. Experts encourage small scale business to design mobile application. Here are the set of things or applicability of mobile applications.
  • Booking a movie, air or train ticket
  • Enjoy home deliveries from any restaurant
  • Ecommerce shopping
  • Learn tutorials of any subject
  • Get health tips, Read books and Play games
  • Buy clothes of any brands online
  • Set reminders and alarms
  • Watch live telecast of any important events
  • Get the latest news updates across the country and the world
  • Communicate via social medias
  • Make free calls to other states and nations
  • Listen to the most recent music
  • Send and receive mails
  • Easy surfing and downloading of specific subjects
  • Finding a doctor or lawyer
  • Search for nearby party places or places to visit.

Which mobile apps sell and which doesn’t?

It has so just become simple that today, for every occasions, an app is available; some are utilitarian while others can be off-the-wall. Some are brainstormed and absolutely practical, while few are absurd and unethical. Others are informative i.e.tells you weather in a distant city; some are meaningless i.e.throw angry birds at green pigs. But, one thing is certain that the apps which sold and earned billion dollars were not at all intuited to collect so much fame. It all depends on the end users, eventually.

Impacts of the revolution and its reasons:

It can’t be exaggerated if it is said that the mobile applications in Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows have easily surpassed the desktop applications, overall. According to a recent survey, 8 out of 10 online-shoppers use mobile applications for convenience, and easy experience.
  • Apps being highly scalable, it solves many complex problem for the uses nowadays.
  • Sharing or marketing or promotion has become really easy.
  • Many apps are acting as virtual wallet so there is no need to keep cash in your pocket; that’s an added advantage for the customers.
  • Before the inception of the mobile apps, smart-phones were a solitary source for entertainment but the scenario has changed totally as it is now used for different purposes.
  • With safety and security becoming a huge concern for the mobile apps, it is likely that the new apps will lay stress on these aspects and create a more secure and reliable app ecosystem.
  • Only smooth, useful, engaging, and user-friendly mobile apps will survive in the compelling mobile app market.
  • Cross-channel promotion boost sales and improve ROI.
  • The good thing about this industry is that any smart geek can jump into it and earn dollars. There’s no any legit barrier to its entry.
  • Apps that are loaded with information on inventory, product features and provides value to the customers, surely gets applauded in the market sooner or later.

Connection: Customers and apps

The enterprise is truly understanding the mindset of the customers & accordingly, they try to entice customers to engage, convert, and shop. Mobile Application is an intermediate path to attach the end users and the organization. It is a kind of breakthrough in the tech-world that the bridges the gap in the market. It is dependent on, and solely subjected to the customers satisfaction. This connection is the shortest way for the mobile app developers to be lucrative.

Mobile Application has a bright forward-looking days ahead, and sure enough to change the present ‘Mobile app revolution’. Do you have any strategies to be the part of this revolution?

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Apple CarPlay Versus Android Auto: Which one Would You Prefer?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple and Google have been traditional rivals in the smartphone software industry for many years now. However, with the launch of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this rivalry has now taken front seat and the new arena for it is your car. Will you allow Android to win the battle or Apple?  Let's find out.

What is CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are smart systems designed for your modern day car. These offer a ton of impressive features that includes better navigation, messaging, as well as audio streaming. However, let us discover  whether they have any limitations or not, how useful they are for us, and do they really meet our driving needs.

Home Screen

To begin with the home screen, both these smart car systems adopt a competing approach right from the start. Apple Car Play features the various apps as well as functions in the form of large icons, that immediately reminds one of the iPhone screen. The style is simplistic and works in CarPlay's favor.

When it comes to Android Auto, the features are arranged at the bottom of the home screen, which means that the user does not need to pull up the home screen.  Accessing the audio apps is also very easy. The user just needs to tap the headphone icon twice so that a list of cards is brought up on the screen for the user' benefit.

Another advantage of using Android Auto is that Google Now is integrated with the system. This is a live updating system that is capable of displaying various information cards that the user might need while driving.  This includes typical information such as weather updates, notifications, as well as shortcuts to typical and likely destinations.

However, CarPlay does not display as much information as a user needs onscreen. Nevertheless, this does not mean that information is not presented. It notifies you about what you need to know.

Text Messages

Carplay shows the missed text messages with a small red circle and a number that corresponds to how many messages have been missed. Comparing the similar feature in Android Auto, the missed messages notifications are now a part of the list of cards that are displayed by the Google Now system.


Whilst navigation for Android is handled by Google Maps, ApplePlay uses a corresponding system Apple Maps for a similar purpose. With Google Maps, the onscreen maps are well-drawn and include easy to understand turn-by-turn directions. Users also are provided suggestions on alternate routes as well as verbal updates on traffic.  You can also access the time when the particular business is closing. Google Maps also works well with Android Auto's Google Now. 

When compared to Apple Maps, although the software is very effective, many people prefer using Google's system over Apple's CarPlay. Both systems do not use the third-party navigation apps. Hence apps such as TomTom or Waze are not permitted.


When it comes to messaging, the Apple CarPlay supports apple's native messaging application. Contrarily, The Android Auto is more inclusive and supports Hangouts, Kik, Whatsapp, ICQ, and other such apps. The on-board text-to-speech can read the messages and voice commands can be used to reply to them.

Music Streaming & Compatibility

Regarding music streaming, both systems reflect their superior abilities. About compatibility, Android Auto is compatible with any smartphone that runs Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. At the same time, Apple CarPlay requires the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Also compatible are the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and the iPhone 5s. Older phones require a lightning connector and the latest iOS version.

Although it is very difficult to predict the winner between CarPlay and Android Auto, it can be said that those who prefer Apple will choose CarPlay and those who choose Google Android will go in for Android Auto.

If you are interested in app development, such as described herein, then  please contact mobile app development company for your needs!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Six Important Steps To Make Your Android App Development Project Successful

If you are an Android Developer, or want to develop an Android application  for your company or project, then you will probably will have understood that Android development is not an easy task. Due to the popularity of Android, the world has been overtaken by a tsunami of Android phones. Additionally, there are numerous Android apps that are developed on a daily basis. Nevertheless, for any Android app to become a success, it should go through the following development process:

1. Conceptualizing the application

As part of this first step, the Android app development company works towards understanding your requirements. This step involves indicating your app development objectives to the company so that the  company can work towards the goal of  app development process in earnest.

2. Wire-framing and Design

This stage involves making the blue-print of the app so that you can refer to it and make any changes. This includes details of the platform as well as features and specifications. With wire-framing, you get the opportunity to ensure that your Android app development project is moving on the right track. The designing stage involves the work of the design and the development team to build the application and ensure that it becomes a reality. It is important to consider factors such as app functionality, design concepts, budget, as well as the timeline for the application.

3. Development

The development process takes care of the the UI designing, coding, and taking care of server components if essential.  Both time and quality are critical factors in this area.   The Android app development company will usually send you app prototypes so that you can send in your approval.

4. Testing

This is an important step in the overall app development process. The app is handed over to the QA team for checks on aspects such as functionality and flow. The app undergoes rigorous testing so that errors do not creep up in the process or when the app is used later.

5. Market Submission

The development company now submits your Android app to the Android market for submission.  Here, you get the rights to manage your app in the market, which includes a developers account and the rights to price your app accordingly. You can then upload your app to your account, where users will be able to download it.

6. Promotion

Just submitting your app will not help! You need to promote your app with the help of an effective marketing strategy including offline and online marketing strategies.


Why not contact a full fledged mobile app development company which can work efficiently towards achieving this goal?  Take your company or business to greater heights by converting your next fabulous idea into an Android app!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tips To Hire Android App Developer

Hire Android App Developer

One of the fastest growing markets in recent times in the field of mobile applications development has undoubtedly been Android. With its variability and wide offerings, Android is turning out to be popular amongst various IT offerings. Right from the gaming apps to the widely used instant messaging and document sharing apps, Android has given sublime results in the form of various apps. Hiring professionals for the development of scalable and robust application development is the stringent task that any Android apps development company has to find out.

JAVA is the original platform that any Android app developer needs to be thorough with to develop application. Before hiring an Android app developer or app development company for a particular assignment of app, some of the things that are to be considered can be listed as follows:

1. Technical Efficiency With JAVA And Coding Principles
It is indeed a difficult task to find someone with enhanced quality of logical JAVA principles as it is large enough. Also every qualified JAVA professional does not possess the potential to successfully deliver project proficiency on Android.

2. A Good Team Player
Android application is something that becomes a cumbersome process if developed independently. So the professional hired has to be in synchronization with the team and also should have clarity about his role as a part of team member.

3. Experience In The Industry
As the technology is developing intensively day by day, the most important factor to be considered before hiring android app developer is the amount of experience in his portfolio. As every app cannot take years to become live, the professional with experience will be accustomed to genres and niches of Android. So the results produced will be fast as well as effective.

4. Understands The Business Perspective
After all application development is a flourishing business and it’s the client whose app requirements have to be accomplished within stipulated time. A good Android app developer understands the traits of business and moulds his skills for app development accordingly.

5. Survey The Work Done
Google play store provides all the details regarding the apps that are published. Check the credentials of the company before hiring a developer from it. The type of apps developed depicts the amount of knowledge that is possessed by the individual in this field.

6. Keen To Learn
With technological advancement in Android at every brink i.e. KitKat released before few months to support the user as well as the developers, it becomes necessary to get accustomed to every new feature that can be given to end user with app. Optimized use of resources available should be made by the app developer to give best results in the form of applicability.

7. Innovative Approach
There are many developers available in the market who can monotonously work according to the directions given by their managers. But Android applications Development Company requires someone who can put forth the ideas and innovations regarding app design along with development.

On a concluding note, Android has come up with some of the best mobiles and tablets in the market. So the need of developers would be increasing on a daily basis, but to find a suitable candidate who can justify this form of mobile application development, efforts has to be put forth in finding a suitable professional. The above mentioned points are not only useful for Android project outsourcers and Android apps development companies, but also for the young, efficient developers to portray their skills in front of the biggest apps development authorities and prove their worth for upcoming individual in this field of Android application.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Things to Know Before Developing a Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development
With the flourishing field of mobile applications, almost everyone is creeping into this business and as a part of it this industry has some unwanted apps that neither benefit the user nor to the app maker. Most of the app failure is due to improper research before its development. Mobile apps Development Company should know the exact target and necessary thing they want to achieve in the market with the app. Without keeping any pre-conceived notions in mind, app making for mobile or tablet needs a set of steps to be followed before actually starting to make an app.

Here is complete set of guidelines or advice that mobile apps development should precede before developing an app.

Clarity With Goal of App Making
The whole and sole of app making does not only include the process of making money. Some apps are delivered to the market as a cause of social responsibility or leveraging influence over others. Some apps may be the investment as a part of marketing ones business or other stuffs. So the app maker should intrinsic clarity about the future of the app and design, set and formulate strategies for app making accordingly. Dividing the complete procedure for app making into discrete steps for enhanced result is must.  If the goal is clear, the way to reach the goal will be automatically be unhindered.

App Costing or Charges of App
This step is utmost important because knowing the current market scenario and economic consideration of company has to be made in an unbiased manner. It’s according to the allotment of resources and requirement of mobile app developers for a particular project that the decision of app cost has to be made. If the app is being made for personal interests than it’s applicability on app stored has to be check out for whether it is free or charged. The prime monetization of app can be through its effective downloads on app store. Also working with client projects, it’s important to dart in with clarity of when, how and at which milestone the payment has to be made.

Allocation of Resources
For a particular project of mobile app, it is indeed necessary to generate a wire-framing of resources that are needed to be imparted for successful completion of it. Mobile app development requires inherit collaboration between developers, designers, APK developers, marketing sector and reporting person of the project to the client. Before starting up a mobile app development project it becomes necessary to analyze how, what and where your personnel has to be occupied with work that can provide extraordinary results for project enhancement.

Integrity With Platforms And Updates
Most of the app developers find inconveniences in choosing the right platform for app development. In recent market, Android and iOS are the leading platforms with Windows and Blackberry lagging behind considerably. As all the platforms have their own app demands and drafting, correct choice of platform is necessary. Also mobile apps development companies should remember that the app is not over once it is launched. Updates and Upgrades are focusing part of the applications that most clients demand and it is essential to stay tall among others in the market.

Keeping these points in mind and considering app development as a methodological process, mobile apps development business has to be tactfully handled to get prime benefits out of it. App making will then be much easier and give efficient results to the developers. Mobile applications have become an integral part of Smartphone users and they are also going to see more hikes in nearby future giving more opportunities to mobile apps developers.