Sunday, 28 January 2018

Secure And Procure: Enterprise Mobile App Development

Remember Spiderman, uncle Ben said to peter parker, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ Enterprise app development is something booming highly in the market and more and more organizations are indulging in the same but not all understand the security threat and loss it can make if the breach is witnessed. Its inevitable for the mobile app development company to work side to side to deploy enterprise apps but the truth is not all the companies can work their way efficiently yet they do give it a shot. It’s a daunting and tedious job to burst with a mobile app that’s fully functional and yet highly secure. If you want to set aside your competitors along with not failing your clients trust, here are some of the key takeaways.

Don’t Think Its Witty, Pay Focus On Security

The reason of hyped need of enterprise apps is not just on the grounds of increase use of smartphone or increase in number of users. The real motive behind this is competition, business are diverging their ways for having an app even the small ones and this is driving every sector to voluntarily or compulsorily opt for the same. This trend has also uplifted the security threats, more and more cases are witnessed and the figures are still on the rise. With mobile payment widely in use, banking details are at stake. Just for the competition sake, you cannot put the confidential data of the users at stake. There’s no other cure, just work smart and build secure. Tighten communication and authentication mechanism and fasten the security seat belt before deploying such app.

Impersonating Apps

One of the major risk for this type of app is the fear of impersonating apps. It is basically a malware which come up with enterprise apps which is exactly similar to the real apps. They will compel the users in downloading them and if the users fall in the trap, it can be devastating in plenty of ways. It can root the device or can get access to all the personal information or can also push install ads in the notification bar of your phone. Frightening, right? Its horrifying to see your personal data go viral. Well, being a developer, what you need to do to avoid such scenario is to integrate security features right from the initial stage of the mobile app development process. What else you should be doing is to undergo deep testing of the app and check if it needs any kind of bug fixing or so.

Track Your Audience

Which platform you choose to build the app do matter a lot and before deciding the platform what you need to rub your brains on is audience that will be delighted to use your app and then make a study what platform they prefer to use. It’s not your convenience that matters, its the user’s usage that actually matters.     


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