Sunday, 19 August 2018

How To Bring Down The Cost Of App Development?

A mobile app is the latest trend and most businesses have their own mobile apps. Now, we know mobile apps can do miracles but it can cost a fortune if you don’t know what to do, whom to hire, which features to have, what should be the marketing strategy, and what are the maintenance needs of the app. There are little tips and tricks which can help save you money, if you are smart and read this article ahead, you can save a lot of money. Wanna know, how? Read ahead.

1) Try MVP

MVP stands for the minimum viable product. If you are determined about the purpose of the app, you don’t need to fill up the app extras. Those extras which are not even needed. Till date, we know a feature-rich app can steal the show. But, when the agenda of the app can be accomplished in just 3 to 4 features which to clutter it with 10 to 15 which are totally needless. This will create the mess in the app along with the high price. Isn’t it amazing?

2) Outsource Your Project

You know it might be possible that a local company you are considering to hire is an expensive one. It might be possible that software companies in your company are expensive on a whole. Consider Indian app developers to outsource your project. They are really reasonable at pricing. So, if you can just think to ditch the idea of hiring a local company and just get the estimation from an Indian app development company and see the price difference you come across.

3) Pick The Platform

If high performance is not a priority then there are options to cut down the costing. If you opt for a native platform for app development then two different codes have to be coded for Android and iPhone. The alternative option is React Native. Here, the same code will work for both Android and iPhone. The need for hiring developers will be reduced along with cutting down on the cost just to the half. So, make smarter choices and save your bucks.


4) Choosing The Right Pricing Model

A company has many pricing models. You need to scrutinize each one of them and make a comparative study as to which one will be beneficial from the financial end. There are basically three models: Fixed price model, Hourly base model, and hire dedicated developer model. If you have a long project that needs amendments on regular basis, the hourly or dedicated developer should be your choice of pricing model. If you have a small project with a predefined set of feature listing, fixed price model should be your choice of pricing model.

5) Post App Launch Support

Well, pick a company that won’t abandon you right at the stage of deployment of the app. Your app has to undergo some minor changes, some updates, and other teeny weeny things. Pick a company that provides at least 6 months of post app launch support. This will also help you cut back on a lot of costs.



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